Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sneak Peek

OK, I said I wasn't going to blog about my swap project for Bea until she received it, but I am going to give a little teaser. My part of the trade was to spin up some merino roving she purchased from AllSpunUp. And the thing about spinning handpainted roving is, you never know what you're gonna get. It looks different as singles than as roving, and it looks different plied than it does as singles. So I think I can show you a little without giving it all away.

First off, I split the roving differently from what I've been doing. Instead of tearing it into strips of various sizes and spinning from the end, I laid out the roving and tore it into thirds. Because of the way it was dyed, this gave me two lengths of roving that were mostly purple and one that was mostly blue/green. I then split each of these three sections into fourths and spun them up successively on three separate bobbins, one bobbin for each third.

Sneak Peek
Almost looks like different colorways, no?

What does the resulting yarn look like? I can't tell you! It went to the post office today. What I can tell you is that this merino is like buttah. How long has it been since I spun merino that wasn't superwash?

Stay tuned.

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