Sunday, June 1, 2008

Handspun for Bea!

Bea finally has her yarn (and likes it -- yay!), so I can show it off, now, too.

Handspun for Bea

Spinning for a non-spinner is a little daunting. Especially when that non-spinner is also a dyer. I felt compelled to do something with color that can't be done once a yarn is finished. Hence the 3-ply. I can't wait to see what it will look like all knit up!

OK, so maybe I have a little idea. The middle bobbin was spun a little thicker and ran out well before the other two. And then I had about half again as much blue/green as remaining purple, so I didn't want to ply them together. Instead, I wound them into center pull balls and plied up two little yarn balls of very fine 2-ply, and then I had this idea to make Bea some perfectly useless little socks out of it. 16 stitches on size 00s. Fun!

Handspun for Bea

I'm tempted to knit tiny socks for all my yarn now :)

The yarn came out at about 500 yards of sportweight, but it's so fluffy and squish I'm sure that it could be knit to sock gauge. Bea wouldn't tell me what she wanted except that she likes knitting socks, so I was really hoping against hope that it would come out in that range, and I think it all worked out all right. Since the yarn is a soft fiber and softly spun, the fabric would probably benefit from being knit a tight-ish gauge.

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