Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All knitting has stopped.

But spinning continues for the time being. More on that later.

The house is coming along all right. The kitchen and bathrooms are painted, even the kitchen cabinets, and I've got the paint fume hangover to prove it today. We spent all last week prepping the rest of the house for paint and were going to spray it with my parents' paint sprayer on Friday but, even after messing with it all day, we never got it to work. So we rented a paint sprayer and my husband and I sprayed the rest of the walls on Saturday.

If anyone ever tells you that a paint sprayer is faster and easier than rolling paint, don't believe them. It takes way more prep, makes a huge mess, and, in our inexperienced hands, didn't give great coverage. What's worse, the beige I picked that looked beige in the store and beige in the sunlight looks positively pink on the walls. It's horrible. So, after all that, we have to buy 10 more gallons of paint and start over.

We debated whether to go ahead and hire someone to finish painting or whether I should do it. The cost of hiring it done would be offset by the fact that we could move in earlier and stop paying rent. However, reports are that the local painters kind of do a sloppy job, so my agony will not be ending any time soon. I'm taking a break today, but tomorrow I'll be painting ceilings.

When I get at home at the end of the day, I'm way too exhausted to knit lace without making a royal mess of it. I guess I could work on the easy scarf project, but it's still in the car from the San Antonio trip, and I'm just not that into it right now.

But spinning is still soothing.

Insect Wings singles

Insect Wings

Insect Wings

440 yds/ 5 1/8 oz, I'm guessing DK weight.
Hello Yarn Fiber Club, January 2008 "Insect Wings"

I spun it for short color repeats, so whatever I knit with it should be really stripy. I don't have the imagination right now to try to figure out what that will be, though.

I also got this great swap package from Bea this week that just made my day. She really went above and beyond.

Bea's Bags

I got a knitting bag, a sock bag, a notions bag, and some pretty blue stitch markers that are the perfect size for lace. If you like it, also check out her Etsy shop. Warning: she also dyes some gorgeous sock yarns.

Now it's my turn to do a little something for her. Thankfully I get the last word, as it were, so I can make sure my part measures up. I've already gotten started, but I'm going to wait to blog it until she receives it so she'll be surprised.

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