Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More laceweight; somebody stop me!

So I finally got around to finishing that laceweight tussah silk I showed you a while ago. I ended up scrapping what I had done so far, because after fondling the silk laceweight I bought at DFW Fiber Fest, there was just no denying it was overspun. So I sat down at the Matchless with the rest of the fiber and tried to walk the line for soft singles that have enough twist not to fall apart. I spun from the end of the strips I had pulled from the top and didn't have as much waste as I did when spinning from the fold. Once my left hand gets a layer of silk filaments on it, no more seem to stick, so it was the cleaning off that was my main problem before.

You know you're addicted when you come home from sanding ceilings, take a shower, and continue plying lace. I did wait until this morning to skein it up, though.

Tussah Silk Laceweight

Tussah Silk Laceweight

Tussah Silk Laceweight

810 yards / 3 3/8 oz
~34 wpi

I think I'll lay off the laceweight spinning for a little while now. If I can.

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