Saturday, November 17, 2007

What I did today instead of knitting.

A while back, we had to replace part of our front porch because the porch roof was leaking, and we've been putting off repainting it until, well, this weekend. (Yes, we're those neighbors.) Finally, it's cool enough, not raining, and we're otherwise out of excuses, so we went to the local paint store and got the paint.

As chance would have it, this is the color that best matches the existing trim on our house:

Paint Can - color

I started with the back doors, because they needed repainting, too, and I was almost finished when, pouring more paint, I saw this:

Paint Can - uh oh

We got the wrong paint. I don't know about you, but if I worked in a paint store and someone came in and asked for "Duration," and we had two lines of paint called "Duration," and one was interior paint and one was exterior paint, I'd ask to clarify. Especially since the paint is nonreturnable once tinted.

The humor has worn off. These are not the "wool skeins" that I want to be spending my money on. And this is not the way I like to work with "wool skeins."

Sigh. I need a beer. And some knitting.


Bea said...

oh no!

Anonymous said...

Oh, drat! Paint is its own area of expertise, one that is not so easily conquered with sticks and string, unfortunately for us. I hope when you get back to it the second time is much more of a charm.