Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm no quitter.

So I made a resolution after I finished my Ringwood socks that there would be no socks in November. I've knit 23 pairs since I learned to knit socks in March, and I needed a break. I wanted to knit hats, mittens, gloves, and other small accessories (they'll have to pry my DPNs out of my cold dead hands), but no socks for a while.

I even toyed with the idea of casting on a pair for my husband on Halloween and then leaving them untouched for the month because I had said I'd have a pair on the needles for him until he had seven pair, but the feeling of not having any socks on the needles was delicious, and I didn't want to lose it. So I amended my rule; if I'm knitting socks, I have to be knitting socks for him, too.

It's working. A week into November, I'm tempted everywhere I look. I get my KnitPicks catalog, and suddenly I must knit the New England socks in my green Smooshy. [They looked better in the catalog.] I've been dreaming of knitting some Scroll Lace Socks in my blue Wollmeise. And there's the Fancy Silk Socks and Child's First Socks and Gentlemen's Socks for Evening Wear and Child's French Socks that I've got the yarn picked out for. All your vintage socks are belong to me.

calling my name

And now Terhi has posted her beautiful Ringwood socks, and all I want to do is knit another pair with a contrast detail like hers.

Does anyone believe I can hold out until the end of the month? Right now the only thing that's keeping me from casting on is that little promise I made that means if I cast on one pair, I have to cast on two, and I still want to focus on the mittens and gloves and hats. And sweaters.


Anonymous said...

"All your vintage socks are belong to us"-- HA HA HA!

I stopped making socks like a madwoman too...when my socks drawer stopped holding them!

Bea said...

I believe you can do it! Just cast something else onto the needles to keep them occupied and the month will go by just like that!