Monday, November 12, 2007

Rippled Baby Blanket

Rippled Baby Blanket

Here it is! It's a modification of the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl*, but I made enough changes that it's probably worth writing down.

Any pleasing combination of yarn and needles will work. I used Dream in Color Classy in Beach Fog and Summer Sky (2 skeins each), and size US7 DPNs and circular needles.

m1: I used the EZ m1, which is basically a twisted yarn over. Form a backwards loop over the right needle with the working yarn. Depending on which way you form the loop, you may need to knit that stitch through the back loop when you pass it again on the next row.
pattern: k2tog 3 times, k1, (m1, k1) 6 times, k2tog 3 times
increase row: *k1, m1, knit to marker, m1, slip marker, repeat from *
pattern row: k1, m1, k(0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15), pattern (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) times, k(0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15), m1, slip marker

Use the first number in each set of parentheses on the first pattern repeat. On each subsequent repeat, use the next number in purple and the first number in blue, until all of the purple numbers have been used. Then repeat using the second number in blue. So you’ll knit six pattern repeats with one pattern, and then six with the three patterns, etc.

Co 8 sts using Emily Ocker’s circular beginning
Divide stitches over 2 double pointed needles, increasing to 4 and then circular needles when necessary
1(MC): *k1, m1, repeat from *
2(MC): knit
3(CC): *k1, m1, k3, m1, repeat from *
4(CC): purl
5(MC): *k1, m1, k5, m1, repeat from *
6(MC): purl
7(CC): *k1, m1, k7, m1, repeat from *
8(CC): knit
9(MC): *k1, m1, k9, m1, repeat from *
10(MC): purl
11(CC): *k1, m1, k11, m1, repeat from *
12(CC): purl
13(MC): *k1, m1, k13, m1, repeat from *
14(MC): knit
15(CC): *k1, m1, k15, m1, repeat from *
17(CC): purl
18(MC): *k1, m1, k17, m1, place marker, repeat from *
19(MC): purl
20(CC): begin pattern repeat, changing colors after every second row, carrying the unused color up one corner of the blanket

pattern repeat:
1: pattern row
2: knit
3: increase row
4: purl
5: increase row
6: purl

Continue until you reach the desired size. I cast off after plain knit row after the k0, pattern seven times, k0 row, and my blanket was 32" square unblocked, 40" square after blocking.

Cast on 2 stitches to left hand needle. *k1, k2tog through the back loop, slip 2 stitches back to left needle, repeat from * until all stitches are bound off. Weave in loose ends and block.

Rippled Baby Blanket - modeled

This is the closest thing we have to a baby around here to model the blankie. Well, besides Duke, but I didn't want dog hair on the clean blanket. You can see the wrong side and cast-off pretty well in this picture.

* Don't let the picture fool you; there are some breathtaking versions on Ravelry.


Terhi said...

It's beautiful! I just finished my Feather and Fan shawl - I swear I'm not stalking you! :-D

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful baby blanket - I love the colours and it looks like it would be so soft.

Bea said...

I think that turned out really well. I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so pretty! I love the way the colors just sort of undulate along the blanket. So pretty!

NH Knitting Mama said...

This blanket is fabulous. You did a really nice job!

Denise said...

I think this is incredible! I am not sure if I can do one like this but will try to do a dishcloth along this way to see if I can do it - what an heirloom quality it appears to be! I'm jealous! Will you make one for my grandbaby-to-be who is due late Dec.? (grin)


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have stitch counts at the end of blue sets? I have worked up to where you switch to three pattern repeats and I had the correct amount of stitches on the last purple iteration of the 1 blue but I always end up two short of being able to do the k2tog three times for the last repeat. It's driving me crazy and I've ripped back twice. I'm about to give up on this pattern.

carla said...

I don’t have any stitch counts, but the stitch pattern is very forgiving. If I came out short, I’d just fudge a little, and it all came out fine in the end.

NKY Knitter said...

I've written out the pattern to include one way to correct the error which is in the original pattern. This can be found on my blog