Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Take gauge and cast on.

As expected, my Jamieson & Smith Shetland came yesterday. I had intended to knit a swatchcap, but I decided to go quick and dirty instead.


I am so glad to see this thing in natural light. I was running around from lamp to lamp last night trying to see if I liked the colors, if there was enough contrast or if it was all going to blend together. But I think it looks ok. And if I switch the blue and the green in the design above, I think it will look even better. Now all I have to do is take gauge and cast on.

The yarn for the Tomten has, I fear, been delayed. I ordered it from the same place I ordered the first batch from, figuring that's my best chance at matching dyelots. But I have this thing where it's almost impossible for me to buy just one item. I've put stuff down that I really sort of wanted or needed and left a store because I couldn't find anything else to buy. So of course I looked around before checking out. And this bag fell in my cart. (Actually, I wanted to buy it a while ago, but, well, I couldn't find anything else to buy with it.) And I only noticed later that it's backordered.

Lastly, the November sock prohibition has ended. Sunday night I was too tired to knit anything with a chart (so no Aino's Glove or Mom's Cardi), I didn't feel like i-cord casting on for the second mitered mitten, and I was nigh out of yarn for the Tomten, so sock happened.


Sock is good.


Bea said...

I think the swatch is good and I like the idea of switching the blue and the green. I think your sock looks really great. You got a lot done in one night!

Anonymous said...

Sock is good, swatch is good...ooooooo bag!!!

Anonymous said...

What pattern is the sock - it looks interesting, yet simple enough that my husband would consent to wear it.

Anonymous said...

Socks is very good.
I love the swatch, all those rich colors are wonderful together.

Anonymous said...

Like the swatch. You're right, switching the blue and green would be awesome. Like the socks. LOVE the Harmony needles. Mine came earlier this week. Aren't they marvelous?