Monday, September 24, 2007

A Very Productive Weekend, Indeed

We were busy this weekend. For one thing, we bought new living room furniture, replacing the set that I had found in the classifieds for $200 when I moved into my very first apartment which was no longer comfortable or even passably attractive.

New Sofa

That meant that we had to move the old stuff out, move the new stuff in, and put it together. (Gotta love Ikea. So cheap you almost don't care what the dogs do to it.)

The best part? Storage ottomans instead of a coffee table. His and hers. I've already filled mine.

Ottoman Storage

And yet, I still found time to knit. I finished the center square and charted the lace border for the baby shawl, and cast on for the second Little Child's Sock. Yes, that's a completed Adult Tomten hiding out in the ottoman, waiting for a real photo shoot. (No, I didn't knit that blanket. I bought it at Ikea.)



sophanne said...

good dog- good couch-mmm

KnittyLynn said...

Ok. I love the dog and love the couch...but am not super sure just how this is going to end up. I had a cocker spaniel that ATE a chair.

Here's wishing you luck!!