Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reason 2 for sock-knitting.


Meet Bruneaux. We met Bruneaux on Thursday, after our neighbor picked him up stray and he dug out of her back yard and came to see us. We've had him since then. I made up fliers and my husband put them up around the local vet offices and the neighbor put fliers up where she found him, but no one has called to claim him. He's a catahoula, state dog of Louisiana, hence the -eaux spelling. (Bruneaux is the name we've given him, he didn't have a collar or tags, or a microchip.)

However, Bruneaux is still very much a puppy, and he thinks yarn balls are fun, and nips at my needles and my knitting when he wants my attention. Until he's acclimated, smaller projects are the order of the day. I can only imagine what he would think of my drop spindle.


We may be getting attached.

Speaking of socks, I started these Cowgirl's Slipper Socks (IK Winter 06) for my mom's birthday, and my beloved Claudia Handpainted yarn is pooling quite a bit. What's really crazy is, I think I like it. It reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. I like the subtle variations in the swaths of gold and blue, like wheat and sky.

Cowgirl Slipper Sock

Am I nuts? Should I be frogging these, or at least not planning to foist them on someone else? I need an objective eye.


Lori said...

Oh, wow, Bruneaux is gorgeous. Should I hope he finds a good home with you?
I don't usually like variegated yarns that pool like that either, but I agree that there is something nice about this one. I say keep it, if you think your mom will like and wear them, that is.

KnittyLynn said...

Keep the dog AND the sock.

I love his brindle coat, he's so shiny and healthy looking. :)

I agree that they have a van Gogh-ish feel of them. I love that piece. :)

sophanne said...

I'm with lynn on both dog and socks.

Cats are cute and all but there is nothing so pleasing as a photo of a happy dog.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dog - and a wonderful name for him. I have a Bruno (poodle mix) and wish I'd thought of the alternate spelling for his name.
You are good to take him in. He'll reward you for it!

The sock coloration is beautiful.

margene said...

You've been knitting since February and you're knitting such beautiful socks? Lucky Bruneaux for finding you! He's a beauty.