Monday, September 10, 2007

Still here, still knitting socks.

I will go back to my bigger projects, I swear, but socks have been more practical lately for several reasons, so bear with me.

One of those reasons is that I've finally started carrying a sock-in-progress in my handbag. Who knew that I had so many stolen moments in a day? On Saturday we had to go by the cable TV office and return some equipment because we had switched services. When we walked in, the line was to the door. What I didn't realize was that it snaked in an additional two loops inside. No problem, right? I've got my sock. Except that I've already knit the cuff to where I think the heel goes, but I need to double check with the first sock to make sure I've done the same number of pattern repeats, and I can't remember exactly what it was the pattern said to do before I started the heel. I was not happy.


Pattern: Unst from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl in Sage
Needles: KnitPicks US1 DPNs

I'm lovin' (McLovin?) the Gems Pearl. Such a nice yarn in such nice solid colors. Except, well, this isn't my favorite green. But Grandma would really like it, and they came out a bit short for me, and her feet are smaller than mine, and her birthday is coming up...

Don't worry, she's not just getting my cast-offs. I've got another pair on the needles that were intended for her from the beginning.

Well, I guess in one sense she is getting my cast-offs. Socks on the needles are so uncomfortable.


sophanne said...

Those are beautiful socks!

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice looking socks!