Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spinning Spunky

When I first signed up for a few fiber clubs, it seemed like it took forever to get my packages in the mail, and now it seems like I can hardly keep up. Just look what I have waiting in the wings:

Hello Yarn February Zen String March Fiber Flawful Fibers March Hello Yarn March

I am on track with my Spunky Eclectic subscription, though.

Spunky Jan-Mar

Here's January, "Snow Squall" Icelandic wool, which became about 80 yards of 2-ply heavy worsted.

Spunky January "Snow Squall"

My husband wants a hat from it, but a long-stapled, tightly-spun, rough wool probably isn't ideal for a garment. Maybe if I line it with something softer.

February was South African Fine in "Think Spring." It became 1134 yards of 2-ply laceweight. It could have used a little more ply twist, but overall I'm happy with it for being my first laceweight.

Spunky February "Think Spring"

I think I'm going to do a Rippled Baby Blanket in this, partially because there's an error in the pattern that I need to work out.

Then after spinning so fine, I went the other direction with March's "Mud Season" merino. Worsted singles, using my new extra-slow whorl for the Symphony.

Spunky March "Mud Season"

It's so puffy, four ounces stretched to almost 400 yards. I could really make something with this. Maybe this vest? I'd use the handspun for the neckline and maybe ribbing on the bottom edge instead of the scallops, with a solid color for the body, I think.

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