Monday, April 21, 2008

Lily of the Valley still isn't done.

In fact, this morning I shoved it in the storage ottoman. I don't want to look at it for a while. The thing is so huge, I'm not going to be able to block it on our queen-size bed, and seemingly no closer to completion after several days' work than the last time I showed you. So I'm giving myself and the huge knot in my back a break from all the nupps. We're closing on a house May 1 and doing some painting and improvements to move in June 1 or so, so I think I'll try to finish it sometime in there so I can block it in the empty house. And then we can drape it over the roof and use it for insulation or something.

Think Spring handspun laceweight

Luckily, it has not killed my lace mojo. Last Monday, I decided I couldn't stand it any more and printed out a pattern and cast on with my handspun laceweight. It was so refreshing to start at the top of a triangular shawl and increase four stitches every two rows and see quick progress rather than start on one short side and decrease one stitch every two rows. So I'd work a repeat of Lily of the Valley and then a few rows of the new shawl.

Think Spring Things in progress

Before long I was at the good part, and started working on the new shawl full time. [Does it mean I'm crazy if I still think nupps are the good part?] Anyway, I cast off on Saturday and by Sunday morning it was blocked and ready for a photo shoot.

Think Spring Things
Think Spring Things
Think Spring Things

Spring Things Shawl by Susan Lawrence
2 oz. of my my handspun laceweight yarn (1134 yds/4 oz, 42 wpi, 2-ply) from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club - Think Spring South African Fine (February '08)
US5 KP Harmony needles
Ravelry project page

I still can't believe I made that out of a ball of wool.

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