Thursday, August 23, 2007


Adult Tomten
We have husband-approved sleevage! Onward with the Adult Tomten!

Jeri left a comment asking how the garter stitch cuff on my Vesper Redux Socks worked. Of course, there's more than one way to do it. If you like to knit top-down, knit a strip of garter stitch with the same number of ridges as stitches you want for your sock and then graft it together and pick up stitches and knit down. Or, if you're knitting toe up like I did, when you're ready for the cuff cast on however many stitches you want your cuff to be onto your left needle (the knitted on or cable cast on is good for this), knit to the last stitch, ssk, turn and knit back, turn and knit to the last stitch, ssk, etc. When you get back where you started, graft it together. I really like the way it looks and feels as a cuff and plan to use it again. It's elastic and squishy and you don't have to worry about a tight cast-on or cast-off edge. Plus it looks rather nifty in a self-striping yarn, I think.

Vesper Redux - Garter Cuff


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that explanation! I'm marking that for my next toe-ups.

I can't believe how great your sweater looks! I always expect to be impressed when I come here, but you keep blowing me away!

Anonymous said...

Your Adult Tomten is looking great! Congrats on achieving the husband-approved sleevage!