Monday, August 13, 2007

A Good Weekend for Knitting

This weekend we went to the ranch where my husband grew up. It was good to get away from the TV, the cell phone, the blackberry, and, yes, even the computer and the internet.

Ranch - Cattle, Horses

We saw some yarn in its natural habitat.

Ranch - Angora Goats

These are mohair. We looked for wool, but the sheep were hiding somewhere in the South Trap.

And there was knitting.

Weekend Knitting

I finished a Swirl Sock and a plain Trekking sock, and got a heckuva start on a Tomten for my husband.

The Bavarian Jacket was left at home to think about what it's done. I'll work on it while my husband settles on whether he wants a hood and what contrast color he wants me to use on the Tomten.

1 comment:

sophanne said...

"while it thinks about what it's done"

I LOVE IT! That just cracks me up. I don't have any knitting in time out right now but I know how they act.