Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Cowbell

The thing about garter stitch is that, no matter how interesting or clever the construction, the in progress part is kind of boring to look at. Look, Ma, no purls! I knit the same sleeve over and over because I am no good with numbers/was too lazy to count/forgot to start decreasing at the elbow!

I was thinking of making a bog jacket next, but I think that by the time I finish the Tomten, I'll be gartered out for a while. Don't remind me about that garter stitch baby blanket hiding in the knitting bag; that baby isn't due until January.

Anyway, since I have more pretty from the ranch, I'll share that while I'm knitknitknitting, and hopefully I'll be able to put an FO up soon.

Ranch - cattle

I don't think I would like to be a black cow on a 100+ degree day, but she seems to be enjoying the grass.

Ranch - wild lavender

That's wild lavender! Before knitting, I was into gardening, and I used to talk to area gardeners online about how near impossible it is to get lavender to grow here, and killed some myself (I never can seem to take no for an answer), only to find it growing wild at the ranch. It's everywhere this year, probably because of all of the rain.

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sophanne said...

mmmm lavender. I don't know why but that picture of the cow made me laugh and laugh. What's he thinking? What would he say if he could?