Monday, December 17, 2007

mmm, cashmere

I used up every last inch of those two skeins of cashmere. The result? A beret and neckwarmer. I had planned on gloves, but I thought the light worsted yarn would be too thick, and cashmere should be where you can feel it, hence the neckwarmer.

Cashmere Beret and Neckwarmer

I need a hat like this for myself. It's so perfect. An EZ pattern, of course, her tam o'shanter from Knitting Without Tears. I did a 1x1 ribbed brim with a tubular cast-on, but that was my only change.

Resorting to the mirror shot.

I used a tubular cast-on (and cast-off) for the neckwarmer as well, and went up to a size 9 needle for drapiness. The backside of the waffle stitch looks nice, too, so I sewed on two buttons to make it reversible. If this counts as a scarf, it's my first one!

Neckwarmer - "right" side neckwarmer - "wrong" side



Lori said...

"Mmmm," indeed! That just LOOKS soft and luscious! Love the color too.

Anonymous said...

Looks luscious! Congrats on your first scarf, maybe now you can move on to something more difficult. ;) (kidding, of course!)

AJ said...

Both are very pretty. And they look very soft.

Bea said...

I think it counts as a scarf. THey both look really great. Hopefully the weather will get nice and cold again sooN!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I LOVE the tam-o-shanter. Excellent work ;-)