Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anyone want a dog?

Catahoula male, brindle, intact, approx. 1 year old, ~60 lbs and growing. Found stray, but healthy and current on shots.

Cute personality. Good with small pets and children.

Bruneaux Cute

Mild fiber obsession.

Bad dog

Has reached "chewing stage."


Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! My 2-yr-old cat has been in the chewing phase for, oh, 2 years now. I feel your pain, that picture hurts just to look at!

KnittyLynn said...


Anonymous said...

You're not alone.
My baby Schnauzer just got hold of my sock knitting and not only tangled up the lovely alpaca yarn -- but chewed two of my favorite rosewood needles. Just wanted you to know that yarn destruction is not breed-specific.

AJ said...

You are definitely not alone! My 3 1/2 month old German Shepherd LOVES my yarn. He's gotten a hold of the good stuff. He's gotten a hold of the great stuff. Yet, I still love him.

Bea said...

uh oh! I have three that have mild fiber obsession and one that is entranced by anything made of yarn or fabric. He seems to think that ALL of it is his no matter who really owns it.

Sam said...

Maybe they love the yarn (and acceesories) as much as we do. That they just show it differently?
You can't help but love them though...
(Mine made a spaghetti mountain of my entire stash when he was a pup)