Saturday, October 27, 2007

Repeating myself

There was a time (a few weeks ago) when I wouldn't even consider knitting the same pattern twice. But, as it turns out, that's the only way this selfish knitter is willing to knit for others. Ringwood socks for DH? But I want some Ringwood socks. OK, I'll knit two pair. Revolutionary. Mom wants a cabled cardigan? I want a cable-y sweater, too. Two cabled sweaters, coming right up. I even considered doing the same pattern for myself, but decided on the High Neck Cable in Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino instead. Apparently I have a thing for cabled sweaters in alpaca merino blends.

Cabled Sweaters

Speaking of her cardi, you'll notice that I followed Elizabeth Zimmermann's sage advice and knitted a hat as a swatch, to get that elusive in-the-round gauge.I have since decided to knit the sweater flat. Does that mean I knit another swatch? Of course not. And did I swatch for my in-the-round sweater with another hat? Nope, I swatched it flat. Genius at work, I tell ya.

Also, remember earlier this week I mentioned that I was hoping to bring on some colder weather by knitting for it? Well, on Monday it was cool enough to wear that Koolhaas hat, and the morning after I started these Frostrosen Mittens, we had frost advisories all over the area. Coincidence?


I better get back to those Ringwood socks before Socktober is over!

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Bea said...

I don't think its a coincidence. I am all for knitting (and finishing) stuff to influence the weather. Happy weekend to you!