Saturday, July 7, 2007


So here's my little Vesper trick. When the yarn changes colors, sl 1, k 1 around, and then slip the first stitch again before continuing in plain stockinette. It creates this sawtooth effect that looks sort of fair-isle-y and disguises the color jogs. I think it's kind of nifty.

As I mentioned before, however, I've been rereading my Harry Potter in preparation for the big finale, and perhaps that has colored my thinking because I keep thinking of this as the Slytherin Sock. So of course I had to cast on for another sock in Gryffindor colors, and thus began my first argyle.

There, I'm house-neutral. For the record, the Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw. I don't really have Ravenclaw-colored sock yarn in my stash, so don't look for Ravenclaw socks any time soon. Besides, I just got my Heilo order and I'm dying to cast on for the Norwegian Stockings from Folk Socks.

Now, to knit the second socks. But first I have some catching up to do if I'm going to finish Order of the Phoenix before the movie comes out.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great trick! I'm going to have to remember this. And argyle socks?? Wait, Harry Potter argyle socks? You rock!