Monday, January 14, 2008


In spinning and knitting news, I've started a Baby Surprise Jacket using my handspun Blue Faced Leicester in FatCatKnits' Summer Cabin colorway, cut with Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in brown.

Baby Surprise Jacket

Since BFL is a longer-staple fiber, and, as such, needs less twist to hold together, I tried really hard to spin it loosely and keep it soft. I Navajo plied it to get it up to a worsted-to-bulky weight and to keep the colors separate. I had a hard time with it after spinning so much merino, and I was worried that it was going to look like the dog's breakfast, but I think it's knitting up pretty cute. I think the colors will look good on what will probably be a strapping little red-headed boy, expected next month. Here's hoping he likes 1970's appliance colors.

Summer Cabin - BFL

The other big surprise going on around here is that we're going to be moving. My husband got a job over an hour away, so we'll be relocating to East Texas in the very near future. What this means for the blog is that, amidst trying to sell our house, find a new one to live in, move, and job-search, I'll either be knitting a lot or not very much at all. If you don't hear from me much in the next couple of weeks, that means things are going well.


Bea said...

Good Luck! Congrats to your husband!

Your sweater looks great.

sulafaye said...

Wow, how exciting. I vote for lots of knitting time. ;) Especially if you're making such cute things with your OWN YARN!!!

Kristy said...

I love 70s appliance colors :) Your yarn looks great in that cute little sweater!

Best of luck for the changes ahead. I hope everything goes smoothly!

whitney said...

Ok, so I'm like, WAY late on commenting on this post, but good luck with the move!

And I totally love the look of your handspun in that sweater. The colors, the texture...fantastic. I've been really wanting to learn how to spin recently, and seeing your gorgeous handspun (the sock yarn you posted awhile back was amazing, too) is really inspiring!