Sunday, March 21, 2010

Change of plans.

I had planned to put in a small vegetable garden today, but when I woke up this morning, it was snowing. I ran outside to take some pictures before it all melted. Because that's what snow does in Texas.

Red bud in the snow

But the last time I checked, it was still snowing. Hello, spring.

In other news, a friend of ours has opened a new Etsy shop selling handmade wooden cutting boards.


He gave us one as a housewarming gift a few years ago, and we just love it. It has become our main cutting board. Beautiful, functional, and durable. So if you're in the market for something beautiful and handmade for your own kitchen or a gift for the foodie in your life, stop by Wolfe Woodworks and take a gander. And if you don't see what you have in mind, convo Phil for a custom. I bet he could hook you up.

It's snowing even harder now. I think I'll snuggle in for the last winter nap of the season.


Bea said...

Love the flowers. I need to get some more flowering plants. I also love wooden cutting boards...have to check that out.

Bea said...

OH and isn't the snow off the wall weird? Hasn't this winter been just crazy?

Amber said...

Wow I can't believe you're still getting snow and we didn't really have any! Crazy. That chopping board is beautiful!

Amy said...

That cutting board is beautiful but it's the bread recipe I'd die for. :) Do you share?

Jen ( said...

That's a very pretty cutting board. :)

Unknown said...

it's not snowing in Texas any more !! it's 103 outside haha!.. I love these chopping boards!