Friday, February 12, 2010

So I did finish the sock.

And I started the next one. And I only ripped back the cuff part twice. Once for thinking I still had the chart memorized from the first sock, and once for not paying attention.


But it's OK, because these may be my favorite socks EVER and they're worth getting right. We'll ignore that one of the motifs starts in a different place on each sock (again due to thinking that I still had the chart memorized from the first sock), OK?

And it's time for the Knitting Olympics. I was a year late for the first go-round, and so I've basically been looking forward to the 2010 Olympics for three years. But now that it's here, I don't wanna. I have two pounds of wool sitting by ready to be spun into a sweater amount of yarn and right now I don't wanna. "Don't wanna" is probably not part of an Olympian's vocabulary, but this is my hobby and I don't want to make it suck. For one thing, I keep swearing off big spinning projects, and I keep starting them. I have a 3-ply sock yarn on the new wheel* now that's been going since December, and I am not a multi-project spinner. Also, someone I know has a birthday coming up soon, and her mama has decided to sew her not only a birthday dress, but toys as well, and I don't think she should put that off until the last minute. Especially since the party is at our place. And it might still be chilly, so she might need a knitted shrug to wear over her sleeveless party dress. So will I compete or not? If I decide I want to, I will. Maybe I'll finish that sock yarn and knit the socks. Some challenge, huh?

* Did I mention I got another spinning wheel for Christmas? No? Well, that's a whole other post.

I leave you with this image from today. Blurry spots are snow on my lens.
Not a fan of snow angels.
Snow angels, she says, are not so fun after all.


sula said...

Too sweet! I want to scoop up your little snow angel and pump her full of hot chocolate!

(And is your Christmas wheel a Kromski Symphony? Mmmm....

Marigold said...

Sounds like your knitting Olympics project should be the sewing projects for her birthday? Sewing her presents is absolutely darling of you.

oh, and my little ones always hated getting snow on their hands. It looked fun, but at that age, if they actually touched it, they started crying. But they did grow out of it, and now they're happy to play in it all day long. They still want their mittens on, though.

Bea said...

Congrats on finishing that one sock. I feel the same way about the Olympics. I was only just barely a knitter during the last winter Olympics. So I didn't play. I wanted to this year, but now that its here I don't. I've been enjoying watching the sports though.