Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm in a bad mood.


1. We found out on Thursday that we're having a little girl (yay!), but now that we know, I'm feeling even more pressure to get prepared than before, and it's overwhelming. We have nothing in the way of baby stuff. We still need to clear out the nursery of boxes from when we moved in, move the furniture around, paint, order the crib, make the crib bedding, AAH! So much! Every weekend I think we'll make some progress and we haven't made any yet. And with the holidays coming up, it's just going to get even harder.

2. I spent all weekend spinning yarn (Spunky Eclectic August Club -- Thermograph BFL) especially for a baby sweater, even though my left Achilles tendon started hurting early on in the process. (Is this a pregnancy thing? Spinning never hurt before.) I had the perfect picture in my head of this sideways-knit garter stitch yoke sweater in self-striping handspun. Finally this morning the yarn was dry and I got to start knitting, only to discover that the 1/3 month size is going to be 60 cm, or 23 inches, around and 9 1/2 inches from collar to hem. It looks big, very big. By one chart that I looked at, that would fit a one year old. Even worse, I don't have enough yarn to knit it at that size, meaning I have to rip and redesign or find another sweater pattern. So I crippled myself for nothing. And I'm not even going to knit her that many sweaters right now, because she'll be born in March, and it will be pretty warm then, and I'd be better off waiting until next winter and knitting to fit rather than hoping that something I knit her now will fit when it's cold enough to wear it.

3. After giving the baby sweater lots of glares and dirty looks, I got up and limped around the grocery store to get something for dinner, and then got the checkout girl who insists on shining my keychain flashlight in her eyes when she scans my Thank You card and saying, "Wow! That's a bright flashlight!"

Duchess says that if I'd just learn to take a good nap none of this would bother me so much. Or at least if I'd stop posing my knitting with her while she's trying to nap, it wouldn't bother her so much.

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