Monday, March 17, 2008

More of the same.

I was itching to see what all that work would look like knitted up, so I started some socks for DH with the 4-ply cabled sock yarn. I started two at a time on two circulars toe up, but gave that up in a hurry because, 1) I hate knitting anything two at a time, 2) While I prefer two circulars to magic loop, I prefer DPNs better still, and 3) I'm not a big fan of toe-up, either, so I should stick to just one thing I don't like per pair of socks, I think.

Handspun socks for DH

I was able to work in an extra inch and a half or so in the cuff by adding some stripes in matching stash yarn. It's not superwash like the handspun, but, really, if these socks ever see the inside of a washing machine I think I'll have a coronary anyway. Ignore the odd blue yarn laying over the yarn ball -- that's a scrap from the shell socks that I didn't notice until I uploaded the photo. I'm such a poor housekeeper.

I've had to leave them by the wayside while I quickly spin and knit socks for my MIL, whose birthday is this weekend. Since she helped buy my wheel and has generously mailed me mohair and promises of wool are on the way, I figured some handspun socks are due.

More handspun sock yarn

This may be my best handspun sock yarn yet. I split the roving four ways lengthwise, predrafted two of the strips (unusual for me) and spun them onto a bobbin at the second-highest ratio, and then Navajo-plied them on the lowest ratio. I only meant to go down one ratio for plying, but I must have been tired, because I went down two. Anyway, I'm loving the colors and the softness of the less-tightly-spun-than-usual sock yarn.

Handspun socks for MIL

If it wasn't for things like dinner, laundry, and dogs, I think I'd have no problem getting these done in time. As it is, I think it will be a little bit of a push. Bruneaux got out of the sunroom where he is sequestered from the little dogs this morning (turned the knob and opened the door!) and thankfully I saw him in the backyard before I hopped the fence. He's become quite the handful.

I also feel a little guilty about neglecting other projects that I was hoping to get done this week, like DH's socks, above. And I need to decide which of the two '07 holdovers to battle next. The gloves have sat stagnant since I finished the first and decided that I wanted to do a roositud tutorial on the blog with the second. Mom's cardigan needs sleeves and probably a new neckband, but since I'm making it up sort of as I go along, there's lots of room for error.

Mom's Cabled Cardigan

Personally, I think it makes a rather nice vest, but, alas, it was a cardigan that was promised.

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