Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby, baby

The February-ish baby sweater is complete, except for, you know, weaving in the ends and sewing on buttons, but since this was purely a process knit, I'm not too concerned with that.

handspun baby sweater

When I told my mom that I was knitting a baby sweater for no reason, she said she'd buy it from me to send to a friend of hers. Only problem, her friend is having a boy, and this sweater is decidedly girly. So I spun up some roving I had dyed and knit this for her:

handspun baby ensemble

I'll be taking it by the post office today, since Mama wants to bring Baby home from the hospital in it. Which is so gratifying, but also a little scary. I just kind of made up the pattern based on EZ's baby proportions in Knitter's Almanac, so hopefully it won't be too far off. My husband swears that it's too small to fit anything, but I think it's a 0-3 mo size.

Thanks for all the comments about the roving in my previous post -- it really meant a lot, since I dyed that myself. As you can tell, I've got the bright colors down pat! I haven't been able to dye much lately, though, because I'm sick yet again. I usually never get winter colds, but this year I seem to catch everything that's going around. I think the next time my husband asks me to cuddle him because he's cold from a fever, I'll give him an extra blanket and go sleep on the sofa!

As a little matter of housekeeping, I've switched to Haloscan for comments since Blogger makes it really hard to reply sometimes, and that's hidden all of my old comments, but hopefully it will be worth it.

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