Sunday, January 20, 2008


I can't believe it's been a week already since I last posted. The first half of the week I was working hard on the house, and the second half I've been knocked down with a cold. In fact, I'm typing this mainly to stay awake until I can have my next dose of Theraflu, so forgive me if I get a little incoherent. I did manage to get a little knitting and spinning in, though, so I have lots of pictures.

Baby Surprise Progress

The Baby Surprise Jacket is finished, but this is the only picture I have, so I'll tease you with it. I noticed a discussion of this pattern on Ravelry, about whether it was a process or product knit and whether it was dated. Someone said that whether it was dated depended on the yarns chosen, and I think I have chosen some dated-looking yarns, but, in my opinion, it adds to the charm. Let's just call it retro. I have never been really drawn to the pattern, and knit it mainly because I had about the right amount of yarn for it, but I really like how it turned out. There's something satisfying about folding a mess of knitting into a jacket.

Happy Handspun Sock, almost done

The handspun socks are finished, and they are just about my favorite thing ever.

Happy Handspun Socks

There's a visible difference in spinning quality between the first and second socks, but you can't tell when you're wearing them. (Yes, I broke them in before taking the FO pic, I couldn't stand to wait!) I love them for their imperfections, just like I love how my very first pair are noticeably different gauges and the grafting sucks.

Ashland Bay Carbon 2-ply merino

I spun up the other half of the Ashland Bay merino and plied it together. One bobbin had a lot more on it than the other, so I Andean plied the leftovers, and it wasn't as scary as it looked. Yay for new skills. Makes me want to pick up a spindle again.

I counted the wraps on the niddy noddy, but I didn't write down the skein length, so I kind of forgot. I think it was about 270 yards. I also didn't measure wpi or put a coin in the picture, but it's about a sport weight I think. Let's pretend the dog hair is for scale.

And then last night I did this:

"Helleborus" BFL singles

Low twist singles at a fingering-to-sport weight. About 260 yards. This is half the roving, split down the middle like I like to do, and slightly predrafted.

I need to work on spinning thicker yarns on my wheel, and spinning them evenly. Right now the only way I can get worsted is to three-ply.

OK, the dogs are driving me crazy, and it's time for my medicine, so I'm going to take it and go to bed.

I leave you with this funny moment from earlier in the week.

Tug of War

Duchess, the little one on the left, won the tug of war. She's tiny and mean, and the boys know to give her what she wants or bear the consequences.


Anonymous said...

Baby Surprise Jackets are not dated - especially in the colour you have chosen! When I made my BSJ, I was astonished at how fashionable it actually looked.

Bea said...

oooo...everything is so pretty. I LOVE your socks. And that last yarn that you are spinning!

Lori said...

I love the BSJ! The colors you chose are great, very versatile, and you know, I do believe "retro" is quite stylish nowadays...
Hope you're feeling better ASAP.

Kristy said...

So many pretty things! I love the BSJ-- the colors are awesome. Same for your handspun socks :)

whitney said...

I love your BSJ, *especially* the colors! And the handspun socks look so fantastic, too!

Unknown said...

Great spinning, also love the socks. But.. that is the funniest dog picture ever.

natalie blair said...

i love love love your socks... and your yarns are absolutely beautiful.

Monika said...

The BSJ looks so cute. I love, love, love, your handspun socks, and also your new yarn. I'm the same as you, the only time I get worsted yarn is by navajo plying. Not even my last three ply is as thick as I wanted to. I have to work on that as well. The dog picture cracked me up! That's so funny and a wonderful shot. :o)

Lise aka Pindsvinet said...

I have given you a little award. See my blog.