Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Save the trees!

Anyone have any experience trying to keep the electric company from doing this to your trees?

Save the trees!

I took this picture just a few blocks away. I don't know if you can tell at this size, but it's a gaping hole out of what was a beautiful magnolia tree.

They're chopping up trees all over town and I just can't stand the thought of them doing that to my magnolia. Thankfully, the power lines don't run right through the middle of ours like that, but still, I'm not impressed with their pruning job.

They've already spent 8 hours in our yard hacking up trees I didn't much care about, relatively small growth that probably needed to go anyway, but I'm drawing the line at the magnolia. A little internet research shows that they're threatening homeowners who try to stop them ("we'll destroy your tree"), so I'm meeting with a rep tomorrow at lunch when my husband can be with me. I'm possibly a little hot under the collar to handle this rationally myself. But I'll be doing more research tonight so I'll be ready. Hopefully an offer to have the tree trimmed away from the lines at our own expense will do the trick. Wish me luck. In the meantime, my new parking place is right in front of the magnolia.

In other news, finished spinning.

Perfect Storm Wensleydale

580 yards of 2-ply Wensleydale, light fingering/heavy laceweight
Spunky Eclectic Club, April, "Perfect Storm"

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