Monday, June 16, 2008

Smiley likes it.

This weekend I finished the handspun scarf that I had been working on since late April. I cast on right after I finished spinning it, and it went through a couple of iterations before I found this waffle stitch that it liked. I even made a special trip to my "local" yarn shop to buy Brittany Birch straight needles to knit it with, because it just wanted to be knit with wooden straight needles. It did not, however, want to be garter stitch. At least on the size 3s I was knitting it on. It really could have stood to be knit on smaller needles, but that's the smallest I could find in straights. It was my TV knitting for a while and then it went to San Antonio and got left in the Jeep for a while, but now it's done, just in time for the 100-degree weather.

Handspun Scarf
Handspun Scarf

I like how the texture lets the yarn be it's slightly rustic, fractal-striped self. It's not quite reversible, but I like the nubby texture on the backside as well as the cleaner "right" side.

Smiley likes it, too.

Smiley likes it

Or at least she likes the attention. She does so many cute things, but she's not nearly as photogenic as Bruneaux was. For one thing, if she sees you looking at her, she wants to be petted, and for another, she's scared of the camera.

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