Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Moving past ho hum

Over the past couple of weeks I did something I haven't done since I re-taught myself to knit. I went an entire day without knitting. And then another. None of my projects were exciting anymore. I wasn't inspired. I finished my German stockings and wasn't even anxious to photograph them (not that it has stopped raining long enough to do so). The heel wasn't working on my Gentleman's Fancy Sock, and I knitted all the way past the heel on my knee-high Welsh Country Stocking before admitting that the shaping was all wrong, making it baggy around the ankle. I ripped and re-knit and swatched a little for a new sweater, but I wasn't having much fun with it. So I focused on my Harry Potter rereading instead.

Then last night I went to my sock yarn drawer and fondled the stash, hoping something would spark, and it did. I had recently wound some Vesper sock yarn in Crew for maybe-Jaywalkers or maybe-kneehighs, had a few false starts, and put it back in the drawer. A flickr search for "Vesper" reveals a variation on two themes: the plain stockinette sock, and the Jaywalker. While sometimes it's nice to know exactly what you're going to get, it's not exaclty the ticket back to knitting nirvana. But looking at the yarn again, I thought, what if...? Yes, that could work, I'll try it. Looks good so far, how about after a few more color repeats? Oh, yes, and how's the heel going to come out? What have I been doing with two circulars, when I know that DPNs are my true love? I'm back, baby, and with any luck, I'll have a sock to show you soon!

And maybe I'll even take some pictures of those German Stockings.

Happy 4th!

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