Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doll Clothes

I picked up the Lily of the Valley Shawl this weekend after a one- or two- week hiatus and knit a couple of rows.

It must have got me to thinking of tiny yarn and fine knitting, because the thought popped into my head, "didn't that doll come with some knitted garments? I wonder if they were handmade..." "That doll" being the one that purportedly belonged to my great-grandmother Bathsheba, although I question this because she had two sons when the doll was made. Perhaps she was a collector? I don't think there's anyone surviving on that side of the family now, except my father, and he wouldn't know.

He has such a sweet little face.

Made in 1914 by Louis Amberg & Son, he's a Newborn Babe.

My grandmother had a local seamstress outfit him in new clothes at some point, as his were wearing frightfully thin. His "new" duds are very detailed.

He wears a bonnet and two gowns, each trimmed in lace and silk ribbon, with a t-shirt or onesie underneath, a cloth diaper, knitted tights, and acrylic [gasp!] crocheted booties.

I'm not sure I had ever lifted his dresses before this weekend (seems so rude!). Below are his original clothes, or at least what's left of them, a simple gown and machine-knitted socks, which, incidentally, are very like the socks/tights he wears now.

At the very least, my newborn shall have some knitted wool booties. But the wheels in my head are spinning, thinking how adorable he'd be in a Shetland lace christening robe like this one.

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